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15 minutes, Experimental, 16mm color film, 2001

A contemporary ceremonial dance between performers and camera, 'Tracing a Vein' charts the journey of an individual through the cycle of life. The film combines live action and stop motion camera work, with choreography influenced by Japanese Butoh dance. Drawing on a range of mythology and folklore, 'Tracing a Vein' attempts to re-appropriate the spiritual power of ancient performance; to rediscover the performer as priest, warrior and healer.

The title 'Tracing a Vein' presents the idea of going back to one's origins, and communion with oneís ancestors. Fire is used to symbolize destruction, purification, the untamable, and a conclusion, which nourishes a new beginning. Ancient ceremonial costumes are given a contemporary translation. Traditional materials like feathers and bark are replaced by common clothespins, making the body into a tactile tapestry.

Directed by Danièle Wilmouth, 'Tracing a Vein' features the performers Joseph Ravens. Marianne Kim, Katherine Behar, and Adrian Danzig. The music was composed and performed by the British artist Adrian Freedman. The film was completed with the help of an Artist's Residency at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.

Tracing a Vein

"Wilmouth's imagery creates an echo reflecting on the surface of the consciousness. Torsos contort and spring, legs curve and arch, fingers flicker. Her films draw one into the shape and kinetic life of the body. Images function as language. Wilmouth uses the body as a vehicle to construct myths."


- Elizabeth Smullens Dancer / Performance Artist


Cast & Crew

Produced, Directed & Edited             











Assistant Director                                  


Assistant Camera                                    







Sound Engineers​​                           


Photos by Mayumi Lake
All images & text copyright © Danièle Wilmouth 2006

Danièle Wilmouth

Joseph Ravens

Marianne Kim

Adrian Danzig

Katherine Behar

Adrian Freedman

Danièle Wilmouth

Joshua Gibson

Jangwook Lee

Abu Ansari

Shuk Shan Lee

Trisha Boyd

Will Combs

Danielle Ash

Cori Faiella

Laura Heit

Sookyeon Kim

Ron Williams

Jacob Ross

Lou Mallozzi

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