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"I sing the film's praises every chance I get.

FANFARE for MARCHING BAND has a very special, surreal, cheerful quirkiness and spot-on comedic timing. But the film's themes also have larger social implications"

-- Kingsley Irons,





Experimental Music & Dance Film
2012, 16 minutes, Super 16mm color film on HD


Saturated colors, euphoric music, and ecstatic dance choreography fail to engage an immobilized public. FANFARE for MARCHING BAND follows the antics of a ragtag musical militia, as they embark on an inept invasion through a parallel universe where their exuberant music is out of sync and unheard. Reflecting on today's lean economic times, this music and dance film features choreography by Peter Carpenter, and music by the circus punk marching band Mucca Pazza, who stage musical actions for joy at various inappropriate locations around the city of Chicago.


It is inside the waiting rooms and lobbies, the bustling markets, train stations and passageways, where travelers break stride for a moment, converge and then separate toward their unique destinations. It is in these ripe intersections, these everyday happenstances and accidental collisions, where adventure and tiny revolutions are born. The ordinary is potentially extraordinary, the static is suddenly ecstatic. During these fleeting moments of possibility and self-awareness, all that is left to do is stop, pause, listen... and see what happens.

"I first saw the carnivalesque FANFARE for MARCHING BAND at FLEX (Florida Experimental Film/Video Festival) in Gainesville, where I was caught off guard and bowled over by its intoxicating mixture of easy-going eccentricity, masterful choreography of camera movement and sheer exuberance. A seemingly enchanted DIY marching band cavorts through Chicago's public spaces unnoticed by the city's oblivious inhabitants who, in a particularly effective stroke of invention, appear in a series of quotidian tableaux, frozen in mid-action. The result is an unlikely though potent blend of comic anarchy and arresting moments of sublime contemplation. This film is one strange beauty."


- Christopher Harris
Filmmaker, Associate Professor,

and Head of Film and Video Production, University of Iowa


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FANFARE for MARCHING BAND is an EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2010-2011, supported by The Jaffe Fund for Experimental Media and Performing Arts. Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY. With more funding from Dance Films Association's Post-Production Grant, and our wonderful Kickstarter backers. Additional support from Kodak, Columbia College, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Special thanks to our fiscal sponsor LINKS HALL.

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